The team

NGL has put a lot of emphasis into establishing a world-class team of industry experts. Mainly from EssNet AB (former leading IT-supplier to the Industry), Veikkaus (The Finnish National Lottery) and Norsk Tipping (The Norwegian National Lottery).


Hans Vigmostad
Norwegian M Sc, BBA and officer from the Norwegian Navy. Several positions in the gaming and ICT-industry. Worked internationally in the ICT industry for decades. Was the CEO of EssNet AB from 2000 – 2006. Involved in several technology-companies working internationally, also involved in voluntary organizations. 
Steinar Sandvik
Overall responsible for product offering
Norwegian B Sc and MBA. 20 years at Norsk Tipping in several positions related to games and infrastructure development both in Norway and abroad. Responsible for building up the lottery in Sri Lanka, and brought Norwegian competence to build SportsToto in Korea that became one of the biggest sports-lotteries in the world.
John Edéus
Responsible for Germany
Swedish M. Sc. Has worked as a consulting in the ICT and gaming Industry for 35 years. Hired by EssNet as project manager for the most important projects. Has worked in the defense, telecoms, media and lottery sectors as agile manager of critical projects. Worked as management consultant and author internationally for many years.
Ulf Sundqvist
Worked with business development and international sales for Ericsson during 20 years and later served as Director of sales in EssNet in charge of emerging markets (a broad definition used). Since 2006 specializing in supporting Small and Medium-sized Enterprises with their international business.

The board of directors

Risto Nieminen
Currently president of the Finish Olympic Committee, former CEO of Veikkaus (The National Lottery of Finland) and President of the WLA (World Lottery Association). 
Elisabeth Heien
Chair Member
Lawyer with MBA, project director and Compliance officer for Telenor Broadcast Holding. Former Senior Vice President and General Counsel of the Telenor Group. Former CEO of Telenor Insurance.
Christian Vennerød
Chair Member
TV-host of “The Luxury trap”, ex-owner and chief editor of Norway’s largest magazine for Personal finance, manager of the Norwegian Bridge team, successful board game inventor and producer,  author of books varying from taxation to Kakuro and politics, investor. 
Matz Wallander
Chair Member
CEO of Idrottens Spel Company Group. Former CEO of Spero Spel in addition to Country Manager DFDS Seaways, Market Manager Legoland and Universeum. 

In addition in subsidaries

Ingunn Jordheim
Board member of Charitech
Communication expert and lobbyist. Has worked in several organizations in order to improve the framework conditions for the members. At present secretary general at The Association of Norwegian Wine and Spirit Suppliers.
Tollef Imsdalen
Board member of Charitech
International gaming expert in the regulated market. Was employed by Norsk Tipping until 2010 in charge of strategy and development, in the last years as the executive VP. Today Tollef is head of administration in Løten county.
Terje Noreng
Terje has more then 40 years of experience from retail, many of them in leading positions. He has also worked within the lottery industry - and for 16 years combined the two worlds as the category manager for games and services in Reitan Convenience Norway AS.