Delivering the complete package

NGL’s approach provides powerful, cost effective systems and services to the regulated lottery and gaming markets. We are a one-stop shop for new lottery and gaming setups.

Our extensive experience from the industry covers everything from business strategy to operations. It includes responsibility for large projects; from games development and implementation to infrastructure and setup of complete lotteries. We have proven innovations and first-in-industry products.  Based on our experience we have developed a phased approach:

  • In the first phase we are working with partners to secure the license and evaluate the potential for a lottery in the jurisdiction. A successful result from this phase is to acquire an agreement/license with the authorities for establishing a lottery. 
  • In the second phase, we develop a proper business-plan focusing on the size of the market (including answering who, how and where), finding the likely games and the way they will be played, and impact on technology.
  • The third phase includes a soft-launch, starting with tests and ending with starting a profitable business. 
  • The forth phase is called the “High Growth phase” where the “easy potential is to be taken out”. In this period the lottery will have profitable strong growth. 
  • In the last phase we are operating a mature lottery. The market and our sales are growing, but the growth is more costly. However new games etc could have positive effects. 

Modern cost-efficient technology, comprising systems and services from our partners. Included in our partner’s offer is an extension to the traditional lottery networks with Internet and mobile phones as self-service devices, and low-priced POS (point of sales) units e.g. smart phones and payment terminals. We naturally offer connections into existing POS networks as well.

Included in our offering are:

  • All known number- and scratch-games. We can also develop new games on our modern platform – fast and with moderate cost.
  • A retailer-based system for handling of modern sports games.
  • Virtual games.
  • A modern VLT-offer.
  • A multi-channel approach to all games. 

Of course, we always evaluate and handle risk as the basis for our initial and ongoing investment initiatives, supported by our unique methodology. We have experience of setting up complete solutions, from a single game to complete lotteries. Our offer includes management of lotteries with local workforce and local or remote technical operations. We welcome a BOT (Build, Operate & Transfer) approach.